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POOL YOUR ORDERS with friends and family or stock up for those great Tasty meals. Combine any Captain Toady's, Rainier Rancher and Pike Pier Fisherman products on the same order.  All orders are shipped via PRIORITY USPS (United States Postal Service)  Shipping/Handling costs are $12.99 per shipment (Anywhere is the continental USA).  The more items you order the less shipping costs you will average per item. Examples: Shipping and handling costs for 1 Jar is $12.99 each, 2 Jars at $6.50 each, 3 Jars at $4.33 each, up to 12 Jars at $1.08 each. So the more you order the more you save. In addition, you can also add up to 8 Seasonings/Rub Flavor Foil Packets to your orders.  Maximum Jars Per Order: Mix & Match any 12 Jars per shipment (sauces & seasonings). NOTE: AT THIS TIME WE ARE ONLY SETUP FOR SHIPMENTS WITHIN THE USA.  Enjoy!

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